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  • Papasan Chair :- 170 W x 97 H  x 85 L  cm

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Cane Double Seater Papasan Chair have a comfy, curved design with lots of space to sit, perfect for relaxing. They’re made of strong and durable rattan material, known for being tough and looking natural. The colorful finish adds a fun and lively touch to the set, making it a great choice. They are designed to promote the proper sitting posture so you can get the most rest and relaxation out of every minute.

Material: Natural cane/rattan/wicker.

Cushion Material: Form

Tabletop :- NA

Set includes:  1 Chair 

Suitable for: Indoors

Free Delivery

Delivery Time :- 30 Days

Warranty : 2 years.

You can Customize the Dining Set or Cushion By contacting us +91 9945212227




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